Tomi's Shortbread House'


Aside from shortbread, Tomi's Shortbread House produces a varied array of delicious treats to suit all tastes. From shortbread and scones to cake, tea, jam and fair trade products. With seasonal produce such as locally grown fruit being worked into new recipes year round, there is always something new to try at Tomi's Shortbread House.

Seasonal goods are available throughout the year, including Christmas cakes, mince pies and hot cross buns. Tomi's Shortbread also does private catering for special events, so whether you want a showstopper of a wedding cake, cute cupcakes for a kids Halloween party or an extra special birthday cake, Tomi's Shortbread House can cater to your needs – just get in contact to make inquiries.

Bestselling products are available for sale here on the English website. Additional choices are available on the Japanese website or if you are able to visit the store in person, this is the best way to see what freshly baked products are available. For questions and queries, please contact the store directly by email, phone or fax.

Local Business – Local Ingredients

Tomi's Shortbread House is dedicated to sourcing the best quality ingredients for all of their products, and as far as possible they use local, fair trade or organic goods. The flour is from Kyushu (apart from that used in special, seasonal products such as hot cross buns which require a different type of strong flour), rice flour is sourced from a local farmer and most of the spice, nuts and dried fruit are organic. Sugar is organic (from Brazil) and the Muscovado sugar is fair trade from the island of Negros in the Philippines. Tomi's Shortbread House uses eggs and cream from Kyushu, and milk from Shisui in Kikuchi. Butter comes from one of three locations depending on availability – Miyazaki, Jersey butter from Oguni, Kumamoto and occasionally from Hokkaido – Tomi's Shortbread House always uses pure butter in their baked goods – they never use margarine or shortening. The sea salt is of a special variety from Amakusa which is made in unique way, and they use gourmet, Valrhona chocolate from France and People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate from Swizerland. Finally, the fresh fruits which are used for seasonal products are sourced directly from local farmers, and sometimes from farmers in the north of Japan which has a climate better suited to fruits such as apples and pears.